capturing personalities, emotions, and connections

to treasure for years to come.



Hi, I’m Jennifer (but you can call me Jenn) – introverted photographer/wife/mom of three girls. I love my family, Mexican food, Disneyworld, DIY, dessert, a good glass of Riesling. Things that inspire me to pick up my camera are fly-away hair, kids lost in their imagination, quirky details, and of course, beautiful or interesting light. When I’m not shooting, I’m likely procrastinating the laundry, making costumes for my kids, or painting some room of my house.

Making photographs every day (or nearly so) is my way of trying to stop my kids’ childhoods from passing me by so quickly. I try to capture the beautiful moments that can be found in our daily chaos, so that when I look back at our photos, I will remember the challenge, but also the wonder that comes with raising children.

My goal when photographing other families is essentially the same as when photographing my own. I strive to create honest images of your family’s personalities, emotions, and connections that you will treasure for years to come.


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