The school portraits I offer are a more modern take on traditional school portraits. No cheesy backgrounds, less fake smiles. Instead of forcing a grin, children will be encouraged to be themselves, whatever that may mean. Does your child have a lovey or a blanket they carry everywhere? They'll outgrow it before you know it- let's capture how much they loved their favorite thing. Whether they are in a shy phase, or have a favorite funny face, I'll aim to capture however they may feeling on photo day. I want to let go of trying to get 'perfection' in one photo, and embrace what makes your child unique. My goal is to offer an easy and personal experience for all families and children, and to capture classic and authentic images to be treasured.

Modern school portraits

Simple. honest. timeless.

Parents are under no obligation to purchase, and only order products after they have seen the photos. Within three weeks of photo day, an email will be sent containing the link to the proofing gallery. I will provide a variety of poses, and offer each image in both color and black & white. Some children may have more image options than others, depending on how expressive he or she was feeling that day.

Viewing the proofs, as well as ordering prints, canvases, or digital files is all done online, and is simple and secure. I do not choose which images are ordered- parents do. They can order as little or as many as they like. There is a seven day window for the ordering period. All orders must be placed in this window in order for me to keep costs down for parents. Orders will be delivered to school approximately three weeks after the order window has closed.

The process



I strive to keep costs reasonable and competitive, and I offer both packages and a-la-carte items.
-Prints start at $10
-Print Packages start at $16 
-Canvases starts at $45
-Digital Files start at $20
**I always donate 10% of profits back to the school!


The cost